【 Cherub Rubs 澳洲天然護膚品牌:呵護您的肌膚所需 】

【Cherub Rubs - Australia 100% Natural & Organic Skin Care Brand: take care and protect of your skin】

Mar 28, 2024

Newborn babies, eczema and sensitive skin require special care and protection. When choosing skin care products, natural and organic products are your best choice. Natural and organic products do not contain harmful chemical ingredients and can reduce skin irritation and discomfort.

Cherub Rubs is an Australian natural skin care brand that focuses on developing products that are beneficial to newborn babies, pregnant women, eczema, and sensitive skin. It promises that its products will not contain any steroids, pharmaceuticals, or petrochemicals. We are committed to providing safe, pure and effective skin care solutions for all ages and skin types, allowing you to enjoy pure and natural skin balance.

Eczema and sensitive skin are prone to sensitivities, so special skin care methods are needed to restore skin health. Here are four steps to teach you how to effectively care for sensitive skin:

Step 1: Stop itchiness 
When the skin is itchy due to different factors, the skin should be stopped first to avoid scratching the skin and causing bacterial infection. Use Skin Soothe or Skin Soothe Plus (enhanced version) to quickly stop scars and relieve skin discomfort.

Step 2: Post-maintenance
Then, it deeply moisturizes and repairs the skin, replenishes the moisture it needs and strengthens the skin's protective barrier. Use Skin Balm or Skin Balm Plus (enhanced version), Moisturizing lotion and Baby Calm Oil, which can provide real deep repair for the skin and keep your skin moisturized and elastic.

Step 3: Reconsolidate
Daily cleansing and hair care cannot be ignored. Regular cleansing and hair care can provide your skin and hair with moisture, deep nourishment, and strengthen the skin's protective barrier. Many products on the market contain chemical foaming agents that may cause skin sensitivity. We should choose natural skin cleansing and hair care products to take care of the daily needs of our skin and hair. Use Growth Series Body Wash, Growth Series Shampoo, Bubbles for Bub, Baby ShampooHair and Body Wash and Scalp and Hair Conditioner to restore skin and hair to a healthy state and keep them moisturized and shiny.

Step 4: Laundry Solution
Finally, clothing care is very important because clothing is in direct contact with our skin, especially babies who often bite clothing. Therefore, you should avoid using laundry detergents containing chemical raw materials to avoid residual chemicals irritating the skin. Use Laundry Solution to gently clean clothes while protecting your skin health, keeping your clothes clean and safe.

Choosing natural and organic products is the best way to care for your skin. Let's protect your skin from chemical irritation in a gentle and effective way. Start with daily skin care and choose a skin care method that suits you to keep your skin moisturized and shiny, and regain a healthy state.

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