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Cherub Rubs Australia is a pioneer in scientifically developed organic skin care products

Organic Skin Care

Our company was founded over 20 years ago from the demand of mothers who needed 100% natural safe and effective skin care products for mum and their bubs. Their objective is products Safe for newborns and strong enough for the whole family.

The answer which satisfies this objective has transformed into Cherub Rubs Organic Skin Care.

Cherub Rubs is the first company to obtain Organic Certification from OFC for baby skincare since 2006

Made in Australia
Organic food chain certified
Toxic-free on raw materials certified
Made safe non toxic certified
Australian certified toxic free
Not tested on animals
Vegan friendly certified
Dermatologist approved
Medical professionals recommended

Government approved agency

Organic implies the purest form of natural ingredients free from toxic elements like pesticides and chemical preservatives. There is no genetically modified organism (GMO).Our scientifically developed products not only come with government approved Organic Certification but also Toxic Free accreditation.

The Organic Food Chain

Your assurance with Cherub Rubs quality standards comes from stringent audits by authorised  inspectors every year from The Organic Food Chain, a Government Approved agency.

The Australian Organic certification  system is the most stringent in the world with not only a yearly audit but random unannounced inspection of our facilities anytime.

We are proud to stand by the motto Healthy Family Naturally!

With over 20 years involvement in Organic Skin care we continue to serve many of our customers around the world who not only grew up with Cherub Rubs but continue to maintain their healthy skincare habits with Cherub Rubs.

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