Cherub Rubs 小秘笈:洗出幼嫩好肌膚

Achieve tender and healthy skin through gentle cleansing

Mar 08, 2024

In your daily skin care and bathing routine, can't you find the bathing products that suit you? Bath products are not moisturizing enough. Does your skin appear dry, itchy, tight and red after bathing? To improve the above dry skin, you must learn some life tips to get rid of dry and sensitive skin!

Bath calm oil combined with bath products: doubles skin moisture
Bath calm oil is more moisturizing than shower gel and will not take away moisture from the skin when used. Bath calm oil combined with bath products can achieve a more moisturizing and moisturizing effect. Cherub Rubs Baby Calm Oil contains a variety of natural ingredients, including lavender essential oil, rosemary leaf essence and chamomile essential oil, which can provide soothing and relaxing effects. The aroma of lavender can relax your mood, allowing you to enjoy a SPA feel at home, adding a natural sense of relaxation to your daily routine.

How to use baby calm oil with bath products?
When taking a bath, simply add 3-4 drops of baby calm oil to your bath products.

Cherub Rubs bath products feature a variety of natural ingredients and promise to be chemical-free. Therefore, it is especially suitable for people with sensitive skin and eczema. The following are Cherub Rubs bath products, let’s choose the bath products that suit you together!

1. Bubbles for Bub: This shower gel is suitable for any age and any skin, including infants, pregnant women, eczema and sensitive skin. It not only effectively cleanses the skin, but also moisturizes it. Bubble shower gel can be used to enjoy a bubble bath, or it can be used as a regular shower gel to achieve a relaxing effect. 

2. Growth Series Body Wash: This series of shower gels is suitable for people aged above infants. If you are looking for a more moisturizing and natural bath product, this range of shower gels is perfect for you. It has a gentle cleansing effect, and also contains a unique moisturizing and moisturizing formula. The Growth Series offers two different flavor options, allowing you to enjoy your own bathing experience.

Bath products are a necessity in our daily lives. It is very important to know how to use and choose bath products that suit you. In addition to soothing your mood, suitable bath products can also bring skin care effects.

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