Moisturizing Lotion (Cucumber) Set

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Suitable for all skin typesWithout chemicalsMoisturizing
Australian Certified Organic product (OFC #0472) and Certified Toxic-Free certifying product 100% Natural with 70-95% organic ingredients. A daily non-aromatic body moisturising lotion with a fusion of organic aloe vera juice, cucumber juice, oils from coconut, macadamia and apricot, plus shea and cocoa butter that provide vitamins and emollients to help keep the skin moisturized.

Moisturizing Lotion (Cucumber) 3 pcs

Apply to face, hands and whole body liberally.

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100% Natural & Certified Organic Product Replenishes vitamins to the skin and has both moisturizing and moisturizing effects Refreshing and odorless Made from all-natural plant-based ingredients. Helps keep skin moisturized. Non-sticky and easily absorbed by the skin. Suitable for all ages Suitable for newborn babies, pregnant women, etc.; and for use on any skin such as G6PD, eczema, sensitive and dry skin; suitable for face and body Tips It can enhance the moisturizing effect if you use Baby Calm Oil together at the same time
100% Natural & Certified Organic Product
Refreshing and odorless
Suitable for all ages