Why choose Cherub Rubs?
Suitable for all skin types
Australian made & owned
All natural certified organic products O.F.C cert No. 0472
Certification toxic-free
Dermatologist Approved
Health Care Professionals
Hero Products
Skin Balm 60g (Ref. CHER021)
Skin Balm 150g (Ref. CHER054)
Skin Soothe 100ml (Ref. CHER001)
Skin Soothe 200ml (Ref. CHER074)
Baby Safe Hair & Body Wash 500ml (Ref. CHER056)
Skin Balm Plus 60g (Ref. CHER110)
Skin Soothe Plus 100ml (Ref. CHER111)
Mommy Set
Cherub Rubs wants the best for you and your baby … naturally.

Our products are FULLY CERTIFIED ORGANIC – not just a couple of organic ingredients, but more than 70-95% of all the ingredients in the majority of our range are certified organic ingredients. The entire range is manufactured under strict organic standards in a certified organic manufacturing facility. This means that our products are not just free of petro-chemicals, artificial fragrances and colours, DEAs, SLS, PEGs and preservatives but are also one of the most PURE and 100% NATURAL you can buy......